By - mgadmin

As you are aware, Optus Stadium is open, and a number of functions are scheduled before the AFL season kicks off i.e. one day international, BBL semi-finals and the Ed Sheeran concert. ??We have been negotiating hard to get private bus layover areas as well as pick up/drop off areas for private buses and this includes metropolitan buses. ??Currently, no provision has been made as PTA buses and train services have been scheduled to move the crowds.

For the one day international on Sunday 28 January 2018, we do have some private buses (country as well as metropolitan) that have been authorised to use the country layover area allocated for AFL functions.?? Hopefully, this will work, and we can demonstrate that the private bus industry is a professional and responsible one and this process can be expanded. ??There has been and will be more teething problems. ??We will continue to work hard in cooperation with Venueslive WA to affect a successful outcome.