By - mgadmin

Parking at Optus Stadium is very complex and out of the hands of the venue operator.?? I know that some operators are getting frustrated with a perceived lack of communication.?? I share that frustration, but we are trying to get this situation sorted.

The issue does not lie with the venue operators.?? This belongs at Ministerial level and Government agencies.?? Despite our approaches to the then Minister of Transport and the Premier???s Office when it was being built, there appears to be a major oversight with the parking of private buses with AFL functions and drop-off and pick-up at the Stadium with all events.

Country layovers at AFL functions appear to be satisfactorily resolved with administrative details to be still worked out.?? I will give you further details of the process and how you obtain the passes with my next Communiqu??.

We met with Optus Stadium personnel, DoT, Main Roads, and Perth Racing on Thursday 15 February 2018 to discuss different scenarios with local buses at the Stadium for all events.?? There is not a lot of room to maneuver when it comes to drop off and pick up for stadium events.?? Also, Stadium personnel and DoT are still not completely sure of the traffic patterns for both public transport and pedestrians.?? They will monitor this very closely and perhaps down the track, there will be an opportunity to relax the current restrictions.

Perth Racing has offered parking spaces at the Belmont racecourse which is quite convenient as it is right near the footbridge leading to the Stadium.?? Since this is private land, there will be a commercial consideration and what that might be I am unsure.?? Further discussions will take place in the near future to get a better understanding of what this all means.