By - mgadmin

BusWA met with On Demand Managers to discuss the proposed 10% levy on the bus and limousine services with special events and tours.?? BusWA needs to get some sense from this, understand what it all means and to get On Demand transport to understand the dire consequences of such a levy.

Just to refresh your memory, this temporary levy was announced by the Minister for Transport so it can be used to buy back taxi plates.?? The 10% levy was going to apply across the board on all On Demand transport which DoT believe that Tour and Charter operate under i.e. passenger rings a booking service (bus operation) and books a service for specific times etc. then DoT consider that this is an On Demand service.

Discussion took place at a meeting on 28 November 2017.?? It was very robust and at times acrimonious as it was most obvious that On Demand had not thought through issues at all and were suggesting all sorts of ideas that clearly would not work and indeed might create a ???black economy???.
BusWA will continue discussions with On Demand about these issues and hopefully??before the Bill is presented early in the New Year.