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Legislation is currently being drafted so that it can go to Parliament early this year. ??In effect, this will put into legislation the issues discussed last year including CVL plates and the like. ??In addition, the 10% levy is still being processed. ??We have had a meeting with On-Demand Transport and have exchanged several emails. ??However, clarification is still needed on the definition of On-Demand services and who ultimately in the bus industry pays the levy.

At this stage, I don???t believe that On-Demand have a clear vision of where this is heading and this is a shame as the industry ultimately suffers because of the uncertainty. ??The last email from On-Demand received 24 January 2018 stated:

Individuals or companies who are taking or facilitating bookings to provide an on-demand passenger service (whether immediately or at a later time), and then communicating the bookings to the drivers of the vehicle or to other providers of an on-demand passenger service, need to

???As discussed at the meeting, an on-demand passenger service is one where the passenger(s) or third-party hirer determine the time or location for pick up/drop off. ??This will either be by the passenger making a request for a booking to an entity that will arrange the driver and vehicle or as a walk-up fare that is arranged directly with the driver (e.g. private job or taxi rank and hail).beauthorised as an on-demand booking service. This applies to bookings being taken for an on-demand taxi or charter vehicle (includes buses).???

I am not quite sure what this all means and is rather confusing. ??BusWA will continue negotiations with On-Demand so this becomes crystal clear at the end of the day.