By - mgadmin

The submissions period has been completed and in February 2018 we will start the negotiation process; this is where the real work will take place.?? The first meeting has been scheduled for 31st January 2018.?? Negotiations are to be completed by end of April.?? The Minister has appointed a chairperson who will act as a facilitator only.

The Minister has appointed Mike Wadsworth (industry had no input).?? Mike has been CEO of Metrobus (forerunner of Transperth) and CEO of the City of Stirling previously.?? At the first meeting, we will need to lay down the procedure and how issues will be tackled.

The contract is silent on this and it is up to the represented parties to agree on this.?? Mike is completely independent.?? There are many important issues to negotiate and there will be some robust discussions before agreement or compromise is reached.