By - mgadmin

The Department of Health ??? Therapeutic Goods Administration has now included medicines containing Codeine into the Schedule 4 (S4) category drug effective from 1 Feb 18.?? Codeine-containing medicines will be no longer be available without a prescription.

This was done because Codeine is an opioid drug closely related to morphine and like morphine is derived from opium poppies.?? Codeine can cause opioid tolerance, dependence, addiction, poisoning and in high doses, death.

If you or your employees are in control of a vehicle and have taken Codeine, make sure that there is a current prescription.?? An individual who records a positive test result of a Schedule 4 (S4) is required to provide a copy of the prescription or a medical certificate from their Doctor confirming this is a prescribed medication.?? If an employee or contractor is unable to provide a confirmation of prescription, any detection shall be treated as a Positive Result by law enforcement officers.